imageEating the fall peas straight off the vine.

Lately we’ve been preparing for the change of seasons.  Putting the gardens to bed, mulching them with mowed-up leaves, putting the garlic in the ground before it freezes…  Cleaning the hoop house and planting…planting so much: several different types of lettuces, radishes, spinach, kale, specialty salad greens.  And my husband taking down the few trees nearby the hoop house, trees who were casting unwelcome shadows down on the little seedlings within.  And we have been cutting wood – so much of it; piling it up, getting ready to hunker down inside while snow storms blow, and we will be warm inside with the fire.

The mixture of these activities…putting to bed, covering up, gathering warmth, planting and coaxing growth within the protective walls of the hoop house…it all has had me thinking of the song we sang last year at the Advent Spiral Garden.  It all just reminds me of the lyrics.

We are walking towards the light
All the stars are shining bright
All the earth is sleeping now
And all the trees are bare.

Now we have our own true light
And our face is shining bright
It will keep us safe and warm
Until we’re home again

There is such comfort to be derived in this season, such coziness and personal warmth.


Isn’t that beautiful?  We were driving to homeschool ice skating the other day when we came upon that sight.  Just breath taking.  I am so thankful for the four seasons!  Without which, I would miss out on so much beauty.





Ice skating…we are so fortunate!  Our homeschool group gets together weekly for this activity.  The kids have been having such a blast, even Lily…she wears the little double-bladed kind of skate that fits over street shoes.  Super convenient!


Last week was full of Halloween activities…we went to a seasonal hayride/night hike at our local Audubon center, the kids went to Zoo Boo days at the zoo, there was a homeschool Halloween party, and trick or treating at Old Sturbridge Village.  I can’t believe we’re almost into November.  I feel like the first half of the year always drags by, and then August through January just flies!

I have been knitting and knitting, chipping away at the Christmas gifts, and also indulging in “cheat” knitting periodically (when the holiday knit-list seems too demanding!).  I’ve knit all but one pair of Christmas socks, a cowl for my husband’s mother, hats for several people, and also fun things…sweater/vest for Lily, mitts for Sophia’s birthday, etc.




I always look forward to the end of the “knit-list” season, but this year hasn’t been too stressful, I think because I started so early.

October 2013 150

October 2013 156

October 2013 170

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