In which I photo bomb a post to catch up on the month

August 2013 009 August 2013 010 August 2013 011 August 2013 012 August 2013 020

I feel the urgency to catch up on this, well, sort of passed-over month re: pics.  So.  Watch out for the following visual explosion.

It’s funny because, July is historically our super crazy month of the summer, and August has always been such a lull.  But this year the opposite was true.

I finished Sophia’s sweater and Lily’s sweater this month.  Both of these were spun-as-we-go jobs, all our own Icelandic sheep’s wool.  These were fun projects, Sophia’s incorporates the wool of Annie, Mira and Sundance, and Lily’s is all from Millie.  Grace has four sweaters that currently fit her, so at some point I plan to knit her a new one, but it’s not at the top of my priority list because Christmas knitting season has begun, and I’ve got to stay focused or I’ll be swimming in misery come Thanksgiving time.  Right now I’m doing pretty darn well, so we’ll see, maybe this will be the year I’ll have all my Christmas projects wrapped by up December 15th.  It’s good to have a goal anyway, right?

August 2013 131 August 2013 129 August 2013 132 August 2013 085 August 2013 084 August 2013 087 August 2013 092 August 2013 094

These girls are currently getting over a summer bug, and I know it’s time to begin daily administrations of elderberry syrup again.  That did us so well all last fall and winter – we were hardly sick at all!  And no colds all season.  Must get back into the habit.

August 2013 104 August 2013 105 August 2013 106 August 2013 110 August 2013 112 August 2013 117 August 2013 115 August 2013 121 August 2013 123

Our pumpkins are doing so well – both varieties.  We have sugar pumpkins for pies (the small, still-green ones) and huge jack o’ lantern carving types too.  The other day we picked tons of Concord grapes for jam, and lots of goldenrod for wool dyeing.

August 2013 072 August 2013 075 August 2013 076 August 2013 078

It’s hard to believe, but just another few weeks and the water will be too cold to venture in anymore.  Only fall fishing left at the lake at that point.

It’s been a good summer.

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2 Responses to In which I photo bomb a post to catch up on the month

  1. Cindy says:

    Beautiful pics! The girls are growing so quickly! Also, love to see what you are knitting (or have knit).You do wonderful work!

  2. That dark brown cardigan/coat is super lovely. What pattern did you use? It looks like something for my christmas list for my boyfriend’s nieces…

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