This is how summer in New England is supposed to feel!

July 2013 274

July 2013 282

July 2013 285edit

July 2013 292

July 2013 294

July 2013 297

July 2013 299

July 2013 303

July 2013 311

July 2013 312

Now that the horrid humidity has gone back to wherever it belongs, I have been super productive on the farm.  I’ve been moving fences, planting second-harvest pumpkins, helping my hubby to check/worm the sheep.  We’ve all been checking in on the meat birds and turkeys (sorry for the blurry turkey pic, they won’t stand still to pose!).  I’ve been prepping the greenhouse for fall/winter growing, and working on the small garden.  In there will go the family’s fall garden…peas, lettuce, kale, spinach, swiss chard, carrots-onions-garlic (those last three will winter over).

We are getting our applications ready to join several local Winter’s Farmers Markets.  I got one of the sleeves on Sophia’s lopi sweater attached to the body, need to get the second sleeve done and attached and then begins the color work.  I’ve been gathering lavender by the arm full and drying it out in the house.  We can’t wait to cook with it.  Susan Branch has a recipe for lavender polenta cake which the girls and I are all super anxious to try.

We went to a hang-out with our new homeschool group.  We’ve been picking blueberries like mad.  And I’ve been enjoying baking blueberry-zucchini bread, which I love having for breakfast in the morning with a fresh egg and coffee, and which the kids never need an excuse to eat.  Bliss!

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