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We took the kids up to Storyland recently, and on our drive back home through New Hampshire, we stopped at an Icelandic sheep farm and picked up our new ram lamb, Blizzard.  We are hoping he will prove to be as wonderful a sire as our previous ram, Sundance, was.  So far, he’s a little cutie!

We also came home to the first ripening blueberries.  We still aren’t in our peak, but we’re picking between a half a quart and a full quart a day.  I’m thankful.

Also upon on our return home, we found that the sheep had figured out a spot in the small-garden’s fencing where they could jump through.  And the results?  Everything in the small garden was eaten, except for the butternut squash I had sprayed with neem oil!  Wow!  Talk about disappointment!  But we had to laugh it off.  We still have all the pumpkins and zucchini and butternut squash and beans, which were in the big garden.  But the tomatoes and cucumbers and onion starts and celery are gone.

Oh well.  I suppose the very good news is that now I have lots of space for the fall garden that’s going in this week.  And before I had been worrying about where all the fall garden veggies would go…

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