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June 2013 373











I have been spinning, plying, and setting, as much wool just as quickly as possible…  Which granted, is not terribly fast, but still, I’m trying.  I’m going to make the kids Lopi (Icelandic) sweaters for our cold season, from our Icelandic girls own wool.  So far I only have about 125 yards spun and plied!  But I hope to get a lot accomplished over the next five weeks.

The piggies are doing well and getting fat.  They are curious and shy all at once.  The garden is doing well, probably because we have been fluctuating sharply between hot hot hot, and rain storms.  It is hard to believe that in only another three or four weeks, it will be time to plant the fall garden!  How quickly the season’s go.

The raspberries and blueberries are ripening.  Soon we will be picking and making jam and freezing berries and baking pies.  The girls really can’t wait for this; they talk all the time about the jam making and the pie baking!  Soon.

My duckies won’t go down to the pond for some reason.  They prefer to waddle around the yard with the chickens, keeping a close but respectable distance from us people.  They follow me around as I feed and check on everyone each day.  Silly ducks…

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One Response to Summer stuff

  1. karmami says:

    You have been busy ..haven’t you…good everything looks terrific

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