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This week we worked on the garden and transitioning the chicks outside (they are temporarily in the small garden because of a fisher cat that got one when they were out by the barn).  The crab apple tree burst into a dark pink, heavenly scented bloom, it is absolutely a floral drunken heaven of the senses out there! And the golden delicious apple tree, which was grafted to the crab apple, has bloomed into a light pinky beauty itself. 

The pear trees blossomed into sweet white flowers this week as well.  The bees and all manner of pollen insects are in love with the whole world right now.  As am I…

Our kittens are growing bigger and bigger.  The kids continue the efforts to make them more friendly (their mother is practically feral). 

This is such a wonderful time of year! So much color bursting from every corner, such a pleasure after the long cold winter.  Every day I wake up in this new place, our home, and I am just delighted to be alive in this place, in this time.

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One Response to This week

  1. Cindy says:

    Wonderful pics…love the lst one especially!

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