Yarning and moving and possibly going a bit bonkers…

April 2013 174

I’m alive and coming up for air. I haven’t really been in this space mentally or physically for a while. But with good excuse! In exactly two weeks, we are moving into our new home! I am beside myself with the insanity of moving… I’m sort of drowning in all the last minute details and adjustments and changes. There are all the big things, but the little things are doing me in too. Have to go grocery shopping? Nearly broke down in tears. Need to drive the kids to ballet? Just about had a mental break down. The list to do is so long…re-paint current house, continue to clean out/eliminate all accumulated stuff we don’t want to move into the new house, totally do-over yard so it doesn’t look like a farm and instead looks sell-able, get plants for garden which should be going already but isn’t because we haven’t moved yet, etc etc etc.

Waay too much on my plate right now, I can’t wait until we are moved and settled.

So, the yarn along. I was wicked lucky, and was selected by Liz at The Sitting Tree to test knit her adorable Clyde pattern. So if I wasn’t drowning in sorting and organizing for our move, I’d have finished this already, but as it is, I am poking along, trying to accomplish a little knitting here and there. I love the pattern. It’s adorable, quick and easy. I’m determined to complete it before the move!

For reading, I am currently reading a book I would not recommend ( French Kids Eat Everything … the author is annoying and highly neurotic) but I just finished a book which I am raving about to everyone who will listen, it was incredible! called Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. I wish this book had existed back when I was pregnant with Sophia. This is the greatest parenting book. Ever. It’s a serious reality check.

Ok, I must retreat back into my house-moving-chaotic-home-mode. Hopefully I’ll be back here before the big move.

Yarning along with Ginny and the others, kinda, trying to…

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