Waldorf week in review

This past week was pretty tame.  I read a lot of books and fairy tales to S, and we reviewed what we’d written in our Main Lesson Book so far.  We reviewed the alphabet letters and their sounds. 

We also did handwork and cooking and worked at the keyboard.  It was a low-key week.  I wanted to slow us down a little. 

But I did order and receive these awesome early readers which we will use next fall in Grade 2.  They were written by Shelley Davidow, a Waldorf teacher, and they are so sweet, with such darling illustrations.  There are six books in the pack and they get progressively more challenging.  A huge improvement on the mainstream early readers out there.  I highly recommend. 


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2 Responses to Waldorf week in review

  1. Eryn says:

    Those books look darling!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now although I’m pretty quiet when it comes to commenting. I’m reaching out today because I’ve decided to homeschool my children next year who have been in public school for a couple of years. I have a second and first grader and I’m really attracted to what little I have come to learn about the Waldorf method.

    I was hoping you could offer some advice/direction on how to go about pursuing waldorf homeschooling. Did you purchase a curriculum or design your own? Are there any books you can recommend that would be must reads for me?

    I’d really appreciate any insight you could offer!

  2. *erin* says:

    Oh those readers look great! Can’t wait to get them!!! Thanks for sharing!

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