The two of us

I don’t often have the opportunity to spend an afternoon with only one of the three girls, so today was a special treat.  Today Sophia and I went out for lunch together, just the two of us.  We went to Mrs. Bridges Pantry in Woodstock, CT for a very pleasant luncheon which was ensconced in lots of tea in the prettiest, daintiest little tea cups ever. 





Coming from someone who grew up with eight younger siblings, I know well just how valuable a little one-on-one time is with someone you love.  And now from my parental perspective, I appreciate the time this afternoon afforded me today to focus on the eldest “tree” in our family, instead of my usual focus which is on the “forest” of children. 

Love you, my Sophia girl.  xoxox

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2 Responses to The two of us

  1. Cindy O'Keefe says:

    This is certainly a wonderful thing to do with our children. I have to say though, with having nine of my own, it was a difficult thing to do! xo

  2. Abigail DeRosa says:

    Love this pics on this post!

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