Waldorf week in review

This was a fun week in our Language Arts block.  We talked about the “at” family, read two different fairy tales this week, wrote in the Main Lesson book.  It’s sort of like magic watching what’s going on right now…  Sophia is beginning to really get this reading thing and I can almost see her brain going “click!”  It’s exciting and magical.

Over the weekend, we went to OSV to watch the maple syrup tapping.  This was a sort-of “field trip”.  We got to see how the trees were tapped in the 1800’s, the 1900’s, and how they are mainly tapped now.  We will be tapping ourselves at the new house next year, so it was exciting to get a close-up preview. 
Next week we’ll be continuing with the LA block. 



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One Response to Waldorf week in review

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi there! I just read that you’re moving to MA on the waldorf homeschool list – we live in Boston – how exciting! This year we went to the maple sugaring day at Natick Community Farm and it was so wonderfully done, and with so much reverence – sounds similar to OSV, with demonstrations of sugaring in Native American and Colonial communities as well as the modern small-farm process. Blessings – Kelly

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