Waldorf Weekend Review

This is for weeks 3 and 4 (which we just completed) of our LA block.

These weeks involved essentially the same activities…we read two fairy tales each week (Sophia especially enjoyed Briar Rose in week 3) and then I wrote and illustrated a simple sentence regarding the story (“Briar Rose woke from her deep deep sleep.”) and Sophia would “read” it, copy it herself and then do a drawing of her own. One of the stories we read in week 4 (from the Christopherus curric) was called “The Golden Footsteps” and it was wonderful ~ I don’t think it was Grimm’s (but maybe it was?). It was about a girl named Marianne who lives with her mean stepmother. She ends up being rescued by the Sun Mother and then goes on to travel the world with her. The story was really wonderful, it included a song for which I made up a melody.

This week we painted and did form drawing as well. And, of course, it was the week leading up to Candlemas. I like Candlemas so much, especially the ancient (paganish?) aspect of it…meaning Brigit. I just think Candlemas is such a needed celebration in February, which is (lets face it) a bit of a drag as months go. I found Candlesmas: Feast of Flames on Google books for free, and I’ve enjoyed purusing that over the past week. And with the kids, we talked a lot about what we were celebrating…the return of the light, of Spring’s impending arrival, of having made it through the long cold months, of nurturing and sharing our inner light. Then we made candles!

January 2013 168

January 2013 170

January 2013 174

January 2013 177

January 2013 179

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