Waldorf Weekend Review

This was our second week in a 4 week block of Language Arts.  Right now for this block, I am completely following our Christopherus curriculum. 

So for this week, we played more matching games, like Sophia writing a letter (in upper case, obviously) and then I would write down the corresponding lower case.  We read two Grimm’s fairy tales (Rose Red and White and King Thrushbeard) and I wrote out a simple sentence from each story (like “The princess learned to be kind”) and then Sophia “read” it back to me and practiced copying the sentence (on the golden path and with use of stars between each word).  She’s having a lot of fun with this, she loves the stories and she is enjoying getting the feeling of “reading.”. Actual reading has not clicked for her yet, and I am not pushing.  My husband and I have had conversations lately discussing how enjoyable it is to sit back and get a front row view of her brain as it catches new concepts and savors them, and implements/learns at her own pace!  It’s so natural and beautiful, and I am so in awe of the process! 

Monday will begin week 3 in our LA block.  At this point I am beginning to think about starting the gathering process, of supplies, for Grade 2 which will begin in September.  I began planning for Grade 1 at about this time last year, and it really gave me so much time to brew in the material and really become comfortable with it.  I know that second grade is still quite gentle in Waldorf, but I am excited for it none the less! 

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