Happy 4th Birthday, Grace!

January 2013 038
the birthday girl!

January 2013 044
my sister and Sophia

January 2013 047

January 2013 073

January 2013 068

January 2013 088

January 2013 096

January 2013 100

January 2013 124

January 2013 129

Grace turned 4 years old on Sunday. We celebrated with our usual tradition of gifting our Christmas tree a second season of giving. We made gifts of food for the birds and wild life, then covered the tree with our offerings. When that was all done, the kids and my Grandmother had a snowball fight (my little sister being the main object of attack). It was a wonderful day, and Grace’s wish came true ~ she received the one thing she’s been consistently asking for for months… A bunny!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Gracie girl. We love you so much!

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One Response to Happy 4th Birthday, Grace!

  1. Cindy O'Keefe says:

    Happy Birthday Grace!!! You are a beautiful little girl!

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