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We are focusing on family and gratitude and the simple things right now, despite the pain our state, our nation, and indeed the world, is still feeling after the events last week here in Connecticut.  Today the girls are going to be crafting Christmas gifts for each other, and then we are going to begin baking Christmas treats to gift our family and friends.  In my search for the good (which is all around, just look at the Newtown community – they are mind bogglingly strong and full of love as they hold up those who are suffering), I came upon some links I wanted to share.

26 Moments That Redeem Faith in Humanity. ‘Nough said on that one.

Susan Branch shared these resources in her latest blog post – just lots of information on who and how to contact your representative, different petitions, etc. regarding violence today. Worth a look, for sure.

I hope we can all be as rational as this writer. This is the best article I’ve read regarding the gun “issue.”

Nicole initially shared this information, and I am thankful she did. you can go to the Hearts of Hope Facebooks page to see their info but this is what they have to say:

In light of the recent tragedy in Newtown we are hoping to come together as a community in the thought that “those children are our children” and show the people of Newtown that we are in this together. So many of us watched the news with broken hearts and a feeling of helplesness. Here is the opportunity for all of us to show our love for Newtown, to let them know they are not alone. To let them know as they piece their lives back together that we are there to shed tears with them, prayer with them, and help in anyway we can.

Here is what you can do: Cut out a paper heart, decorate it, and write a message of love (positive messages only please). Address them to Hearts of Hope and send one or many and mail them to:

Newtown Congregational Church
14 West St, Newtown, CT 06470


First Church Congregational
148 Beach Rd, Ffld CT 06824

We are going to take these hearts and cover Newtown with our love from around the world. We are going to take these hearts and hang them up in local businesses, churches, and banks so that no matter where the people of Newtown go they will be surrounded by love and reminded that from hate rises love and support. That humanity is still very much alive and if we band together with love and hope in our hearts we can accomplish so much more. It really does take a village…

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