Waldorf Weekend Review

This post has been sitting in my draft folder since Friday morning when I wrote it. I’m so glad I wrote it then, because I just don’t have the stomach for it now. It feels like the fabric of our society has changed so much since Friday morning. But tomorrow is Monday, and I have to turn my thoughts back to school work for Sophia. And if I am struggling with the ability to focus, how much more the families who have suffered so much who live to the West of us? Our heart continues to go out to them, to send them love and strength in this impossible time.

* * *

This was an exciting week for Sophia.  We used The Waldorf Book of Poetry with our math block.  I just got this book last week and I can already tell this is going to be an incredible resource.  Not just for math, I actually mean for everything, all of school, all of life in general.  It’s awesome. 

We continued our work with addition and subtraction, and Sophia is actually doing great with these concepts.  But this week we added in multiplication, and I’m not going to lie, I was initially filled with concern that it would be overwhelming for her.  But it wasn’t, she actually managed these abstract concepts surprisingly well. 

We counted by 2’s and 3’s.  We played counting games.  Next week we will learn division, before leaving off the math block for a little while. 

We also did form drawing this week, which was exciting.  I can see us building up to the Celtic knot looking forms in the future!  Also, our handwork was knitting.  Soapie is working on a scarf right now.  She was knitting a hat, but her baby sister destroyed that so many times, I got sick of fixing it and decided she should try a new project!

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One Response to Waldorf Weekend Review

  1. mrobynlee says:

    I just added that poetry book to my wishlist yesterday. I’m glad to see a good review, it looks fabulous.

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