:: December 10 ::





We got our tree shortly after returning home from the Vermont trip.  The girls trimmed it almost entirely on their own, it was terribly cute to watch them.  

We have been having a very jolly, peaceful holiday season.  Last night we were lucky enough to be invited out to Michaelmas Farm in upstate Mass, to participate with other Waldorf families in a beautiful Advent Spiral Garden.  This was really a wonderful experience for us all, I feel so fortunate and blessed that we were able to find someone putting this activity together and then to participate in it.  It truly adds a-whole-nother dimension to the season of inner light. 

I know this season elicits a lot of mixed emotions for some.  But it just makes me happy.  You can name the winter holidays anything you like, you can celebrate Father Christmas, Santa Clause, Jesus Christ, or Saint Nicholas, you can even reach back further in time to the original winter gods, go back all the way to Osirus if you want.  In the end, it’s all symbolism for what is the true and real spirit of the season.  It’s the season of giving, of rebirth, of second chances, of inner light.  I hope my girls grow up taking that to heart. 


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