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November 2012 261

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November 2012 263

November 2012 269

This is what it looked like all last week.  It was like a winter wonderland, or something right out of the Snow Queen.  It was so beautiful, perfect sitting indoors and knitting weather.

Speaking of knitting, it has been a busy place around here for the needles, clicking away.  It is that time of year when a knitter is certainly not for want of projects!  I did myself an enormous favor by beginning early and staying strong.  Most of my Christmas projects were complete by the end of November ~ only 3 are left to do, and a very easy three they are.  Here is one:

November 2012 280

This is an Owl pullover  for my sister for Christmas.  She requested black.  This is the perfect Christmas sweater pattern, I have decided (big needles, thick yarn).  It goes ridiculously fast.  I am already ready to make the sleeves and then add the owls and collar!  Wonderful, wonderful holiday project!

But my favorite project I worked on this season was the girls stocking stuffer socks.  I feel like I’ve been knitting socks non-stop for a month, but this pattern was the simplest (and free, too!) and the variegated yarn was so fun to work with.  It was suggested by the owner of  our LYS, I never would have chosen it without her prodding.  But I found it to be so fun!

November 2012 284

All of this knitting…I got outside today and felt how gorgeous it was…so different from last week’s wintry wonderfulness.  I am happy because the holidays are here, it looks like we will be able to attend the Advent Spiral at Michealmas Farm after all, and also because of that quote that I can’t remember, but is so relevant to my life right now…  It’s something about instead of seeking a fancy spiritual adviser, recognize everyone in your life is a spiritual teacher, the humblest person to the most important.  I can’t remember the quote exactly, but I marvel at it’s truth so much lately.

November 2012 278

November 2012 285

November 2012 292

November 2012 286

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