Waldorf Weekend Review

This week was more of achieving letter familiarity.  I would draw a picture pertaining to a letter story, and then write a simple short sentence.  Sophia would work on her own drawing and then copy the sentence.  We would discuss the letter, it’s sound, and do alliterations.  Of course she isn’t actually “reading” the sentences, but we are working from a whole-to-parts perspective.  I can tell that the natural “clicking” thing hasn’t happened for her yet as far as “getting” reading, and I’m not pushing it.  Right now, we are are being purely foundational and working at her natural biological pace.

Next week we will be off from school – we are headed up North for my husband’s job interview for most of the week.  The girls and I will be doing some exploring of the area and getting in touch with a realtor in the two regions we are looking at.  Fingers crossed!

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