:: November 21 ::

The days start out so frosty and cold now, but they have been warming up by midday to very respectable temperatures for November.  Yesterday was Turkey Day here; we delivered to customers.   We were happy with our turkeys, despite having worried about their size earlier in the season.  They ended up really packing on the pounds after their buddies, the meat birds, left turkey town and totally surprising us with their weight gain.  We kept 4 back from processing, however, to keep for ourselves for over the next year.  I LOVE an impromptu roast turkey dinner during any season!

Recently I walked outside and was greeted by this sight:

This girl loves her animals.  And she would live outside if I’d let her, I swear.  Sophia spends, literally, almost her entire day out of doors, even in this cold weather.  I have to drag her in for meals or to do anything else.  She wakes up, goes out to check on all her animals (especially Peepers, seen above, and Sundance, “her boy”).  And then she spends the majority of the rest of the day trying to stay out with her buddies.

And then there is the little sister, the baby sister.  The one not quite big enough to go out without Momma, but old enough to know she is missing out on some good fun.

But when we went out to call the big girls in for the night, we got to witness this – the sky burning with a fire of its own.  So beautiful!

I will be spending Thanksgiving (tomorrow) with the most lovable kids I could ask for, and a husband with the patience of Job.  I am truly blessed, and so thankful for it all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to :: November 21 ::

  1. Cindy O'Keefe says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! xo

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