Waldorf Weekend Review


It’s incredible to realize we are nearly half way through the school year.  Thanksgiving is only days away, the holidays are among us…wow!

This week we had our second Language Arts block.  It was awesome to come back to LA and see how after 5 weeks away, Sophia had forgotten not a thing.  If anything, she owned the material more.

This week we learned letters x, y,z, i, c, n.  (Essentially, the last remaining letters of the alphabet!)  All through the medium of the tale of the princess on her journey of inner development.

We played games with the letters sounds, we added the letters to the Main Lesson Book.  Sophia drew the letter pictures.  And we learned to write a few words.

Our other daily lessons were the penny whistle and knitting.  She is really enjoying the penny whistle.

Next week is the second part of our LA block and I’m excited.  But it’s crazy to think how quickly this time of year goes by!

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