Waldorf Weekend Review

This was a festival week for us.  We spent this week making lanterns, slowly, over the course of the week so that the girls would learn patience.  We made several different kinds of lanterns…balloon paper mache, glass, etc.  Of course I told the story of St Martin, but the really fun part of this week was we did our first play.  Sophia played Martin, riding by on his horse, and Grace played the beggar (and the angel).  The girls loved this!  I was reminded how plays are so important in Waldorf, specifically the classics, because they help children gain closure with elements of their past lives.

I made a shadow puppet theatre, but never got to the actual shadow puppets…we haven’t had WiFi at the house in over a month and I am totally bumming on my lack of access to printing templates or even printing instructional how-to’s.  So once that problem is resolved, I will probably go back and do a shadow play too, just for the fun of it.

I will post separately about our Martinmas/Sophia’s birthday celebration, including our lantern walk and the play the girls put on for everyone.

Monday we begin our second Language Arts block.  Hooray!

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