Martinmas & a 7th Birthday

The girls putting on their little Saint Martin and the beggar/angel play.  Bravo!

November 11th is such a special day in our house.  It is Martinmas, but it is also Sophia’s birthday.  This year she turned the incredibly special number 7!

We prepared in advance, as usual – crafting paper mache lanterns out of balloons, decorating mason jars with bright, colorful tissue paper, and decking the house with little twinkly lights in honor of this season we are in…the season of lights!  For that is really what autumn and winter are about, aren’t they?  The season of finding the light inside despite a cold dark landscape outside.

Sophia and Grace had rehearsed a very special play all week, a play of our design.  It was simple, but important.  Sophia played Martin, riding gallantly by on horse, and Grace was the freezing cold beggar in the street.  Martin shared his cloak and kindness with the stranger, and was rewarded with a special sacred visit later by an angel (Grace again!) who revealed that he had been the beggar and that we must always help others.

The girls did a wonderful job and we concluded the play by going on our lantern walk, carrying our lights faithfully in the night while the children sang cheery songs to light the way.

It was a wonderful, special birthday, for an incredibly special wonderful girl.  We love you, Sophia!  Happy 7th Birthday!  xox

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