Waldorf Weekend Review

This week we had our first Nature block. 

I was a little concerned with this block, wondering both how I could keep to the tenants for not over-intellectualizing Nature, and yet also keeping with the rhythm and flow of formal learning time.  In the end I erred on the side of caution and decided to keep this a Nature spirit inspired week and forgo any worry about formality. 

Essentially, I looked for ways to foster Sophia’s (and I felt it was emotionally and developmentally appropriate for Grace to participate in this week as well) attachment to the natural world.  So, we hiked through the woods, we looked for birds nests, we kept an eye to the sky to be aware of what birds were about in the fall, we discovered faerie houses that we never would have seen in the showy summer bounty. 

I also incorporated the  Old Mother West Wind stories into our week. These are adorable nature stories that I had seen recommended many times on one of the yahoo Waldorf groups I’m a member of. I love how gentle they are…little tales of Old Mother West Wind, her children (the Merry Little Breezes), and all the little forest animals.

Good stuff.

For the most part of this Nature block week, I let the girls play outside in the woods and the yard as much as they wanted.

Next week we will begin our Martinmas celebration week/block. We will be crafting lots of lanterns and reading about St Martin, and I hope to be super good and put together a shadow box play about St Martin and the beggar. Sophia’s birthday coincides with Martinmas, (see past celebrations here and here). So we have to get ready for our family lantern walk, and I’d like to put on the shadow box play a second time for the grandparents with the help of the kids.

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