Waldorf Weekend Review

This week we wrapped up the Quality of Numbers block. 

We focused on rhythmic counting combined with marching. We continued counting by 2’s. We played many different adding and subtraction games with our fingers. We also took different objects…fruit and such…and divided them up into parts.

I felt that we concluded the block with Sophia having a deep connection with the first 12 numbers. She has a good basic grasp of the first 12 roman numerals as well. I feel that we accomplished making a connection between the spiritual value of numbers and their daily relevance.

Sophia also spent this week knitting like a mad woman! It was awesome – as her mom, as a crazy knitter myself, I can’t ever describe the glee. By her own initiative, she’s been carting her knitting around everywhere she goes and knitting away. She finished her first project, a little blanket for her play horse, and she specially requested for her next project to make a hat for her dad for Christmas. (Awww!) She is so excited to give it to him!

She also did a lot of painting this week for her other lesson, and piano and riding.

Next week we will begin our first Nature block. We were supposed to attend a Lantern Walk with a bunch of other Waldorf families next weekend, but unfortunately that was cancelled because of the crazy weather. I am hoping to find another seasonal event for us to enjoy with other Waldorf families!

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