Waldorf Weekend Review

This was our third week of our LA block. Monday will be our fourth and final block for a little while, before we begin our math block.

This week we continued on with the story and were introduced to letters V, T, A, S. It was funny the way VT appeared on the board, because it’s the state we are most hopeful about relocating to right now. It felt like an omen. (I hope it turns out to be so.)


I’m not going to dally about today – we carried on with Lesson’s A and B being music and knitting this week. I considered doing some wool dying, but think I’ll wait a year for that, out of convenience to myself. We have sheep shearing coming up in a couple weeks and Sophia is going to help me with a new plan I have for the wool from our fleeces.

She also continued on with the piano and horse riding, and painting day.

But this week was also preparatory for Michaelmas day (September 29th). Like so much else in life, in Waldorf, the layers are pulled back as the child/adult is ready. Did you ever read a book when you were young, and then reread it as an adult and walk away with a completely different understanding? What Sophia, and Grace too, have been told and understand of the story of Saint George and the dragon is so different from what I as an adult understand of it. I just hope we talked about it enough in a way that will resonate and stay with them forever, so that they can grow with it forever.

I can tell you that a beautiful bit was written up by Becca at Chocolate Eyes which talks about Michaelmas much better then I ever could. I do recommend popping over there and checking that out.

Anyway, for Michaelmas we opted to make a Dragon pizza instead of the traditional Dragon bread. It came out funny looking, of course, but the girls had fun making it. We also read Saint George and the Dragon by Martha Hodges. The girls wanted to listen to the Michaelmas song on Come Follow Me, and then they ran around playing dragon and George. It was a very simple celebration, but they had fun.

Monday begins our last LA block.

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