Waldorf Weekend Review

Things have fallen into place and we are all accustomed to our new routine. I know for me – and I think for the kids too – it has been nice to count on the consistency and flow to our week.

This week saw more of the same…outside time, Circle Time, talking about the weather/seasons, etc. Then Lily and Grace playing separately while Sophia and I settled down to ML work.

On Monday we reviewed the Language Arts story we had read so far and then we went on to the next part…the Wise Woman and the Princess head out of their quest and end up on some crazy mountains with a door in the middle. The Princess is afraid and yells Eeee! And hence our introduction to the second sacred letter. Tuesday we reviewed, wrote the letters out, practiced alliterations (always fun, and I always stumble on this, why is that??) and added the letters to the ML book. Wednesday we reviewed the story and then read on…all about the Princess and Wise Woman journeying through the door and out into a meadow where they met a lady at a house who tell them the story of (Grimm’s) Mother Holle.


the big reveal!

And thus this week we added letters M,D, E, L and H to our repertoire. We are officially at 12 letters of the alphabet!

Thursday we reviewed everything to date…all 12 letters and sounds and alliterations. Then, being painting day, we took out the watercolors and soaked the paper and used Mrs M’s guide, we painted the rain.

All week (all 4 days) we practiced the penny whistle, which is going very well. Sophia can play 2 simple songs on it now, and while she is still occasionally tripped-up on her finger placement, she is improving every week.

We also continued on with our knitting this week. Her coordination and ability with that improves and compliments her LA work. She is feeling more excited about making a play horse blanket for her little Schleig horses.

I have been reading about knitting as a visual-spatial therapy. It’s fascinating, really, because learning to knit compliments learning to read – the same parts of the brain are used for both, and the performance of both activities enhances the adaptation and proficiency of each. Knitting is a visual-spatial activity that has also been found quite effective with kids with various learning disabilities – even kids with ADD and dyslexia.

I already knew knitting is pretty amazing, but I was tickled with all this discovery!

I’ve also been reading up on cross-lateral exercises – as in, for us to do them before ML each day. It turns out that studies show people performs much better desk tasks -including school work – after having performed this specific type of exercise, because of the regions of the brain they use. I am going to begin incorporating some of this on Monday. Of course, cross lateral exercises used to be employed in public schools, back a long long long time ago, and people sort of mocked them in the not too distant past for being silly. But it turns out the joke’s on us.

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