Craft Along

My apologies – whatever the trick is for photographing red, I clearly don’t know it!

The past few mornings have been deliciously chilly. The girls are completely shocked by this and they have been getting up and walking around in layers of clothes and with their bed quilts wrapped around them too. Really! You’d think this wasn’t the most magical time of the year if you listened to them!

I, of course, know better, and they clearly need to be taught. Wood smoke, pumpkin pie, crisp colorful leaves, bushels of apples, warm hand knits to wear, chilly mornings and nights that quickly warm up to delightfully refreshing afternoons… What’s not to love?

I finished both girls Owlets recently. I had a burst of love from the Universe after all my sorrow at having run out of spun wool: both a good friend and the gal originally in charge of spinning it were willing to step in and help me back from my wooly crisis. This was love. Truly. I can’t tell you how good it felt to finish that project up! I was able to give Sophia her new sweater on the first day of school, as I had planned to all year. Thank you, Universe.

Grace’s Owlet is made from chunky weight stuff, not from our sheep, but very red, as she said she wanted. I need to get buttons for the owls eyes for both of them, because the girls want that, but I actually love the Owlets as they are.

I think I will focus on Christmas projects now. I am going to make mittens or hats for everyone in the family, from our sheep’s wool. I’ve been looking up lots of Fair Isle and Nordic patterns, or trying to – Ravelry actually has a shocking shortage of those types of patterns.

Crafting along with Nicole of Frontier Dreams today.

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7 Responses to Craft Along

  1. caityrosey says:

    I’ve been planning to knit that sweater for ages. I love how yours turned out.

  2. Sara says:

    Found you on todays link up! Love, love that red! Gorgeous sweaters. And yes, I believe this is the best time of year as well.

  3. MackenzieH says:

    Oh I have been wanting to knit that too!! I love them, and I’m glad your got your wool troubles sorted out. 🙂 I have the same trouble photographing reds…I will have to dig around and try to find a solution! I found your blog through the link up, I’m sharing toddler leg warmers and a scarf this week. Happy early fall!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Oh I love them both! That pattern has been on my to do list for far too long.

  5. Rachel says:

    Oh wow! I love both of those sweaters! I wish I could make something like that! They really are gorgeous!

    If you (or anyone!) is interested, I have a giveaway for a custom dyed skein of yarn happening right now on my blog!

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