:: August 8 ::



I am joining Ginny and the Yarn Along today.  I am currently working very diligently on Sophia’s Owlet.  I had to do a bit of modifying of the pattern because I’m using yarn from our sheep, which is in a DK weight (the pattern called for chunky yarn). It’s also my first bottom-to-top pattern and I think I like the mental neatness of working top-to-bottom better.

Today I finished The Tudors on audio books.  It was really good, very interesting.  It was also 24 and a half hours long, which was great – I got lots of chores and cooking accomplished while listening to that book.  My next audio book that I will begin tonight is First Family: Abigail & John Adams.

So real quick, one last thing. Look at this:


From our garden tonight. Isn’t it amazing how kind and giving a garden is, even when getting almost no care and attention in return? I feel so terrible for my garden this year, really and truly. But there isn’t a thing I can do about that this year, and I have to just let that fact sink in and let go.

Off to knit now (when I ought to be doing dishes!)

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