At summer’s end

While Sophia has spent the past several mornings at horse riding camp, Grace and I have had a few hours to ourselves (mostly, as Lily has slept through a lot of it). Grace has used that time to play a bit by herself, something she rarely does of Sophia is around. She’s helped me with the animal chores. She has helped with fixing snacks. Today she helped pick lots of basil from the garden to freeze for sauces and pestos and who knows what else this winter. Mainly, Grace has just helped, because that is actually her favorite thing to do.

We are so very much in the midst of August, the month of summer’s end. The end-of-summer flowers are all in bloom, a sure sign. Today I noticed a number of maple trees that are prematurely showing a few coloring leaves. I must be honest – this excited me. “In August swallows southward fly, summer’s waning, fall is nigh,” – and with it school, woolens, shearing the sheep, apple picking, two of my three children’s birthdays…

Still, this has felt like the shortest Summer I can remember in a long time.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote something a couple weeks ago about the perfect day being made up of Summer mornings and Winter nights at once. This staid with me because its so true. But since we can’t actually have that, I choose autumn as my favorite season, because I think it comes closest to that. At least October does, anyway.


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