Fluffy, lovely, sheep stuff

Since my efforts with spinning have not manifested in a deep, addictive passion of the sort that knitting and I have for each other, a friend of mine was kind enough to do the spinning for me from last fall’s shearing. She recently finished some of it up and brought it over.

Oh dear! HEAVEN!!

There is something painstakingly w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. about coming in from feeding the sheep, and then picking up a ball of their wool and crafting some lovely object, then going out to show the aforementioned sheep where their old wool’s got to. This is the thing addictions are made of, I’m quite sure. From sheep, to fleece, to roving, to yarn, to sweater. Unbeatable.

I am currently working with Annie Oakley’s wool and turning it into an Owl sweater for Sophia. Once Sophia’s sweater is complete, Grace can try it on, and if she has no objection to the wool, I will cast on for her’s next. Grace is extremely sensitive to how clothing feels against her skin, so its a bit of a gamble knitting for her unless I’m working with something insanely soft. (Lesson learned the hard way…)

For Lily-pie, I have something very special in mind. So special I get all giddy every time I start talking about it! For Lily, I am making my first ever Fair-Isle sweater, complete with steek. Oh yes. To use the word “excited” is a massive understatement. I am absolutely wild to begin this project! And you know what they say – once you go Fair Isle, you never go back!

Well. Ok.

So no one says that.

BUT, I’m pretty sure if you can make things as incredible and amazing as stranded knitting allows, you wouldn’t want to go back.

In the last bit of nerdiness sheepiness, my husband built this awesome feeder a few weeks back. I love it. So very much less waste with it!

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