:: July 11 ::

These are our blueberry days. The lazy hazy days. My little blueberry girls.

We spent last weekend on a local camping trip with 5 other families from our homeschool group. It was such fun; these kiddos of mine had a blast. I want to show, real quick, this awesome craft project my friend organized for all the camping kids. It was terrific. She had the kids bring white t-shirts and hammers, and then they collected flowers and leaves and grass. Then we placed cardboard under the shirts, arranged the leaves and flowers, covered that with paper towels, and pounded and banged all the chlorophyll from the plants onto the shirts. The results were so cool! Some of the kids made some incredibly beautiful, gorgeous designs. I think this was such a clever idea!

But this weekend also had its sad moment as well. I had come home Saturday morning and fed/checked up on all our animals, and everyone was fine. But Sunday morning, upon arriving home, we found Flower (mother of the twin Icelandic rams) dead in the pasture. It was so upsetting. She was absolutely fine the previous morning. I saw nothing suspicious. But of course I am completely racked by guilt. We have been going through all the things it might have been, and nothing makes a lot of sense. Sophia has been having a hard time with this too. Flower had twin boys in May, and they seem to be doing fine without her. I see them hanging around Annie and Henna a lot (mothers of Tank and Lucky). I feel terrible, though. Even in the sheep world, babies shouldn’t grow up without their mothers.

Flower and her boys back in May

I’m linking up with Nicole of Frontier Dreams today and sharing our camping craft project.

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One Response to :: July 11 ::

  1. Krystle says:

    Love the shirts
    Very sad about Flower 😦

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