june into july

Our shipment of turkey poults and more red roasters arrived last week. Lily was enthralled!

I have had such an abundance of help in the garden lately from these little girls. They love to feel useful and needed. Incidentally, our squash is not doing as well as I imagined it would, considering the pigs were living on and fertilizing this spot for so many months. They actually are needing subsequential fertilizing.

We’ve been picking and picking, and baking and freezing. So far we have picked 13 lbs of blueberries, but the season is young, and I hope to get 40 before it is over.

Sophia is doing such a terrific job at riding. I’m so proud of her. If all goes well, and it isn’t cancelled (as it was last year), she will do a week long half-day riding camp next month. I think it will be so good for her!

My husband made his first batch of homemade cheese from our goats’ milk last week. He made mozzarella, which was tasty. He was a little discouraged by just how much milk is required to make what turns out in the end to be such a small amount of cheese. But I think he should stick to it.

Our strawberry harvest was so small this year. It made me sad. We only got one batch of jam out of it. Gracie and I spent an afternoon together working to make that one little batch. The job, of course, requires someone really good at smashing and pounding those berries up, and generally making a big ol’ mess. Grace did her work perfectly. 😉

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One Response to june into july

  1. Great pictures. Especially the littlest showing excitement over the baby turkeys. I am jealous of your picked blueberries!

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