Independence Day 1840’s style

We had a really special Independence Day at Old Sturbridge Village. It was so exciting to be a part of a moment in time gone by. The girls really enjoyed the parade (1840’s style, of course). I loved the rousing rendition of the Declaration of Independence. Thrills me to the core every time.

Thanks OSV, for a lovely day! And Happy 236th Birthday, America.

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2 Responses to Independence Day 1840’s style

  1. AC says:

    Hi, Nice photos of a nice day – I was in the militia – and I was wondering if you had a picture with me in it – green vest, brown pants grey little beard – I didnt get a chance to have some one grab a pic. for me

    • mamainthequietcorner says:

      I will check and email you with anything I find. Great job, btw, it was a wonderful recreation.

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