Sun’s zenith

It was, appropriately enough, sweltering and sunny on this, the Summer Solstice. It was so humid, and nearly 100 degrees here; practically unheard of in these parts in June.

To mark the Solstice, the girls picked flowers, then watched me pick strawberries, and then we all made strawberry shortcake together and drank ice water with mint. We read some books about summer, and the girls played outside more then I thought possible, considering how boiling it was. I did some knitting and sewing for them – inside, in the AC. This year I skipped the Solstice fire and marshmellow roast, as well as the stay-up-til-fireflys-come-out-and-catch-them routine. It was too hot to celebrate with fire, and I was so drained by the end of the day from being in and out of the heat, I put the girls to bed on time so I can go to bed soon myself.

Welcome, Summer! We’ve been waiting for you a long time.

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