The past few days

We have been busy bees around here. Lily and I are trying to get a little weeding done most every day, in the hopes the garden will not succumb completely to the never-ending onslaught of weeds. The girls have been having such fun with the kittens, now that they are old enough to handle. And my husband made this awesome milk pump for the goats. It has made milking such a breeze, even with Lily on my back. My husband is nothing if not the handiest, most inventive fellow I know! Grace loves to ask, “Can I have more goat milk please? Not cow milk, just goat milk.”

We went to Old Sturbridge Village last week for our anniversary and the kids had so much fun. They were dying wool that day with plant-based dyes, at the Village, so I had a lot of fun too. On Fathers Day, we and some friends processed 54 meat birds on the farm. And also on Fathers Day, Lily turned 8 months old. Eight months! I really don’t know how we got to this point (only four months away from her first birthday!!) so quickly. But what am I saying?? The entire past six and a half years of my life have completely flown by!

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