:: May 30 ::

This is going to be a Pickles vest for Lily’s first birthday in October – hence the Pumpkin colorway!

I made the decision rather recently to stop knitting for fun, and start knitting with a mission/purpose. Around the same time, I lost my insatiable urge to feel needles and yarn constantly in hand. Darn. I shall henceforth commence knitting on a mission whether I want to or not, though, because here’s what’s on my plate…

*Birthday’s (family). Lily’s, Sophia’s, my mother in laws. My own too. (Maybe I’ll finally get around to knitting myself something for my birthday!) Grace’s birthday is right after Christmas.

*Christmas. Speak of the devil. Gifts/knitting for everyone. My children, probably for my Grandmother, maybe again for Rudy’s mom, definitely for my sister. Oh yeah, and for the hubby too. Duh. Gotta remember the one who funds the obsession! 😉

*Miscellaneous. My mother in law is putting together a fund raiser for September at the school she teaches at. She’s going to do basket raffles, and I promised to put together a basket full of hand knits baby items. Also, there are several expectant mom’s I’d like to make a little something for. And the kid’s friends birthday’s.

I’m sure most crafty-folk have lists like this, but I am so sick of feeling trapped by the clock in mad last minute dashes to beat its ticking hands. Certainly you can see the necessity for some organization amidst the knitting. And truthfully, even with a new purpose in mind, I’m still going to struggle to accomplish half of this. Ugh. Life. It always gets in the way of hand-knit sweaters!

Kidding, sort of.

Anyway I always forget to photograph the “what I’m reading” part of this knit-along, so for the record, I am reading “The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship.” This is good stuff. I am a choleric/melancholic mix, Soapie is such a little melancholic, and Gracie-doodle is the ultimate choleric. I think I lucked out? It remains to be seen what Lily is. I suspect she will be something like a Sanguine-Choleric. I think that’s Rudy, too. Anyway I recommend this for anyone who teaches littles. It helps things make sense.

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

This is the surprise birthday present I made my sister. Turns out the surprise was on me! I have no idea where I went wrong, but yes, this thing fits Gracie. Perfectly, no less. I also had another revelation while working on this wee thing: I do not like knitting shawls. Sign me up for as many sweaters in a row as you please; shawls are simply monotonous. (And this turned out to be a mini shawl, or really, just a cowl!) Anyway, I will not be knitting another one of these for quite a while (even though I do think the pattern is pretty!) Ravelry notes here.

Knitting away with Ginny.

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