Return from distraction

I have been a very bad blogger of late. This is especially silly because I spent a solid month at the beginning of the year bemoaning my favorite bloggers sudden absence from the scene of almost daily blogging! But this month I took on three projects which have been eating away at the time I usually would reserve for blogging.

~I’ve jumped into a more active role in our homeschool group. (And that’s all I’m going to say about that for now.)

~I’ve also been trying to help my husband out with his plans to begin a local, yearly, Memorial Day 5K and Basket Raffle. He wants to donate the proceeds to a different charity each year. This year the money raised will be going to the American Liver Foundation (which is also the foundation he is running for in the Boston Marathon in two weeks). I’m excited about this project, I think it’s a wonderful idea!

~And the third thing that I’ve been absorbed with is also the biggest to me right now; it’s like my pet baby – well, really the whole family’s. We launched our farm website this month! (You can visit our farm here, DoodleBug Farm. We also created a farm Facebook page, too!) I can’t even tell you how excited the website and FB page have made us, really; I bet it looks a little ridiculous from the outside, but this is BIG to us!

So, that is the low down on where I’ve been. I’m definitely going to be figuring out a new way to distribute my computer-time among this lot o’ things, as I don’t like neglecting the family blog at all. After all, I have these happy fantasies of when I eventually get the blog printed into little books to present to the girls…maybe on their wedding days, or when they have their baby showers someday. Or something like that. So no more neglect from me!

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