Felted slipper love

Joining Ginny at Small Things for her weekly yarn along.

This week I am working on a bonnet for Sophia. I’m really excited for it to be complete as I love everything that fuels her Little House passion and all things periodical. Also it’s such a cute pattern!

I’ve just begun this book I happened upon at the library yesterday. I needed to pick something up while I wait for my slue of inter-library loan books to come in, and this 500 page tome fit the bill. (Don’t ask in what universe I am going to have time to finish a 500 page novel in the next week!)

I also completed the girls Imbolc gifts…(late, oops!). They were the felted elf slippers…





I *love love love* these slippers. After I finished the girls slippers, I had a momentary vision where I made a pair for my husband and Lily and myself, and we all 5 of us were cuddled on the couch together in a family pile, reading, with our elvin feet propped on the coffee table in all different colors of beautiful yarn. But my husband put me to rights verrrry quickly and let me know in no uncertain terms that he will never wear elf slippers. Ever.

Silly, silly man.

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2 Responses to Felted slipper love

  1. Cindy OKeefe says:

    He is silly!!! They are swesome!!!!

  2. Marie says:

    Such cool slippers, cheers Marie

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