A long week ends









This was a tough week, this past week was. It started with Grace the couch acrobat managing to smash a strikingly deep gash in her forehead when she made an unplanned landing on the edge of the coffee table, head first (oh yes she did). Followed by, two days later, Sophia getting hit by the 24 hour stomach bug – which I can only presume she picked up at the ER while we got Grace’s head glued up. (They glue things now apparently, rather then stitch. This was pleasant tidings!) I dosed everyone well in raw honey, nursed Grace and Lily like mad, and no one else got sick. Thank goodness. But still. It was a long and difficult week.

Things have also been difficult, I realized, when my husband is home. (With our routine, not with him in general!) My husband works a rotating shift, which is nice because he is often home during the week, but it is also difficult because he is often home during the week. (!) I find that the girls and I will be in a very nice routine and rhythm, and then his shift changes to nights or weekends, and then our rhythm just goes out the window until he goes back to work during the days. I think its partly because when he is off work, he is, well, off work, in energy and vibe and all. But then we pick that vibe up too, when in fact we are not off anything – it’s just another day for us, and the kids need routine and rhythm to operate smoothly, productively, cohesively.

And especially when school begins for Sophia in September, well, this cannot be. I must find a way for us to include my husband in our routine, instead of lapsing into rest mode with him.

And lastly, I finished Lily’s new sweater this week, of which I am pleased.  She has been warm and toasty in it and I think she actually likes it – at the very least she enjoys sucking on it when she cannot locate her fingers.  Immediately upon the sweater’s completion, I cast on for some little woolen pants for her. Lil’ one knitting, I tell you; addictive!

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2 Responses to A long week ends

  1. Robyn says:

    Tough week is right! Hoping next week goes smoothly.

    Having my husband home throws our rhythm right out the window too. I love having him around and he is a blessing to me on his usually scheduled times to be here (oh, that sounds terrible!). He makes breakfast and runs the boys to their sports, he takes them sledding and brings them with him on errands…But when I find him home on a school day, I am at a loss. The kids think it is play time and I just want to kick my feet up.

    He wants to work from the house and I told him that it will not work unless he can set up an office over the garage.

    I don’t know what I would do if his shift was always changing! I’m sure you will find a way to make it work though. 😉

    I look forward to seeing your first grade in action. How exciting!

  2. Cindy OKeefe says:

    Hugs to Grace…glue, now that’s cool! Hope she is feeling okay. Glad that the stomach bug didn’t go through the whole house, too!

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