Welcome, 2012!

The New Year is upon us! I’m so excited for this new beginning. This time of year always calls for recollections of the year before, and 2011 was a GREAT year for our family…so much happened with our farm and we had the wonderful addition to the family of our little Lily.

Last year when we were on the cusp of 2011, I made several Resolutions to myself which pertained predominantly to healing and regeneration. When we entered 2011, I was in a place of depression and overwhelming sadness over the loss of our baby. My resolutions were to find ways to heal and take care of myself, and as silly as this may sound, I definitely found a way to take care of myself through the simple handwork of knitting. Taking the time each day to sit down and just be with myself and my thoughts, while doing the soothing, repetitive motion of knitting, was so good for me, so very needed. Lily was the other healing factor, of course, and while she is her own person and can never replace our loss, Lily’s new life and very existence helped so much for me personally to head down the road of healing. She is a gift.

For 2012, I don’t have the same sense of desperate Resolutions; this year, I think my husband and I have have more family goals for the farm. For me personally, I am sending out a promise and commitment into the ether for 2012 to be the Year of Giving, or the Year of Service. This is not something I plan to really share much about as it will be another very personal journey for me, but suffice it to say, this year I am committing to serve and give, even when it’s inconvenient, to my family and to strangers.

I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you all, as well as our family. It’s crazy to think that this will mark the third year of this blog; looking back at my little girls and how much they have grown through the lens of this blog is amazing for me as a parent. So much beauty, so much hope and promise in their faces. I don’t know how it could help but be a wonderful year with them!







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2 Responses to Welcome, 2012!

  1. Diane says:

    Hi beth,
    I love your blog. I think you have already surpassed your resolution of service. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from you. I love your wisdom and insights. I know I’m not the only one. I am blessed to have people like you in my life

    • mamainthequietcorner says:

      Thank you, Diane. One of the best things that came of R doing TBL was that we met so many wonderful local people that otherwise we would have never known. You are one of those people, and you and others have blessed my life, just with your stories from parenting and your always willing to help out. So thank you, and I hope you have a very wonderful year. 🙂

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