It’s the holiday season…







This is such a fun time of year to be a child! Everything is literally magic and I treasure the time and ability to stop and see all of this through my girls eyes.

Our annual visit to Santa Clause at Old Sturbridge Village was so much fun, as usual. I realized this is Sophia’s 6th year in a row spending time at the village during its holiday events. I can safely say Christmas would not be Christmas without this time at OSV! We are very fortunate that Santa is a fan of the village as well and stops by each year. We can always anticipate Santa being there, and we can always anticipate him telling Sophia (every year!) about another beautiful lady named Sophia who was an actress in the movies… He’s such a sweetie!

Last week, I brought Sophia (and Lily in the sling) to see a local performance of The Nutcracker. Sophia sat absolutely spellbound throughout the entire show. I love that she loves going to the ballet and has such an understanding of the plot. She even wanted to critique the performance afterward…she decided the fellow who played Uncle Drosselmeier this year was not as authentic as the performer last year. So cute. I think that next year, Grace will join the girls’ yearly foray to The Nutcracker.

Something new and different to our holiday routine this year was that we organized and hosted our homeschool playgroup’s Holiday Party. The children exchanged homemade Secret Santa gifts with each other and made gingerbread houses and pinecone bird feeders together. My girls had such fun helping to make gifts and were so excited to give them to their friends! I think this Holiday Party it will become a sticking tradition.

And, lastly. The other night, Rudy came home from a shopping trip to Trader Joes with these huge gingerbread men. The girls found them the next morning (the girls get up well before the sun). When I came downstairs, I found them working together determinedly to decorate them. It made me think (again) about how these girls really are such good friends, in addition to being sisters, and I hope they always remain so so close.

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