Daisy and Sweetpea after the freak October snow storm.


Thanksgiving turkeys

We are in the midst of planning for next year’s farming season; we’ve also been busy formulating our farm’s website. So much has been going on, and I’ve been very neglectful about recording…

So, to recap what has been going on the past few months:

* Our two whethers went for processing in September. Also in September, our Icealndic ewes and the ram came home. (We are now Icelandic sheep breeders!)

* October saw the pigs head off for processing, and a few weeks later, we picked up our winter piglets. The winter pigs are spending their season in our garden area, digging/eating/fertilizing until next March.

* In November we rented a stud buck to keep our La Mancha goats company for a couple months ~ hopefully he will sire kids (and enable my raw goat milk/cheese endeavors). Also in November, the turkeys went off for processing and dressed out around 15 lbs apiece. Next year we will buy turkey poults in May so that they can make 20 lbs, at least, by the time Thanksgiving arrives.

Our vegetable planning has been revamped and metamorphosed again and again. We are building toward being able to offer CSA shares by 2013. Right now my husband and I have been very inspired and impressed with the work/practices going on at Four Season Farm in Maine. They are an awesome example of small scale, year-round, sustainable agriculture. We love it!

This week we are ordering 50 Buff Orpington chicks (our favorite breed). We lost most of our free-ranging hens to foxes this year and it’s time to replenish. Most people like to order chicks in the late winter/spring, but I prefer my hens to be almost laying age by then. And we must do something about that fox!

Before shearing…


After shearing!

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