Sophia’s 6th birthday was so special! November 11th, 2011! She had a wonderful family celebration and after dinner, a lovely lantern walk, in honor of Martinmas and her special day. Sophia’s songs of choice to regale the night with were (of course!) Christmas carols.

Happy birthday, Sophia! May this year be magical. ❤

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3 Responses to 11/11/11

  1. kate amorin says:

    Hope Sophia had an amazing birthday! Sorry I was late with the birthday wishes but I am lost without your facebook updates ha! Looks like you ladies had a super productive few months! Congratulations on the new beautiful little addition to the family. She’s precious!!!

    • mamainthequietcorner says:

      Thank you, Kate! I hope you had a wonderful birthday this week yourself. 🙂 Yes, I miss fb and knowing what’a going on in the world. Maybe I’ll be back somday. You can look up our farm page though, DoodleBug Farm, on fb.

      Hope you and the family are doing great!

  2. sister says:

    Dunno how I missed this! Looks like she had a wonderful day! What’s Martinmas????

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