A Happy Halloween




The girls dressed up as Mary and Laura Ingolls for Halloween this year. These dresses were a very last minute sewing project ~ and in fact Grace went out without her sleeves added yet ~ but that’s what you get when there is a new nursling around! They had so much fun; Sophia especially really got trick or treating this year and she had a blast running up to houses and calling, “Trick or treat!” so enthusiastically. Grace was a more determined trick or treater; she wasn’t going to be left behind by her sister, even though by the end she was practically delirious with sleepiness. My husband had worked all day and had told us we’d only be going to a few houses this year and then home to bed, but by the time we got out on the street and were surrounded by excited costumed kids (and even some happy Halloween carolers, wow!) he got as excited as Sophia, and was only ready to leave an hour and a half later!



After we got home, some sweets were chosen to leave for the Pumpkin Fairy. This morning the candy was gone and in its place were two autumn elf dolls each sitting inside her own hot cocoa mug. The Pumpkin Fairy was very relieved that these dolls have been very well received…she had worried over her choice of which little doll to bring this year! But all’s well that end’s well.



Lily was the only one NOT very impressed by Halloween. She slept through the whole trick or treating business in the carrier without so much as a peep!

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One Response to A Happy Halloween

  1. katrina says:

    Oh mama, your day sounds just magical and to have a little one snoozin’ in a carrier while walking with your girls– BLISS!

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