Yarn Along 10/5/11

Knitting along with Ginny of Small Things again. This week I am working on Grace’s Swing Thing sweater coat, as well as a birthday surprise for Sophia. And I was inspired by a friend to pull my Kindle out and at least use it for free Amazon books. I never got into the Kindle the way everyone else has, I really prefer that whole aesthetic experience with an actual book. But for free books, I can tolerate the Kindle.

Autumn has really arrived, things have cooled down and that lovely New England crisp air has settled in. So loving everything right now!

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2 Responses to Yarn Along 10/5/11

  1. I received an eReader for Christmas last year and have had a hard time getting into it, too. Just recently I charged it up again, and downloaded a couple of 99 cent books, which I have really enjoyed.

    I live in New England, too! It *was* a beautiful, crisp fall day today.

    I love the colors you’re knitting with.

  2. Lisa G. says:

    I like your pretty colors.

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