September passing by

It’s golden in the tree tops,
It’s golden in the sky
It’s golden golden golden,
September passing by.

We began Sophia’s last year of Waldorf Kindergarten a few weeks ago. I decided to create my own curriculum for this year, and that the focus will be whatever festival happens to fall in a given month. This is the last year before academics will begin, so I felt it would be fun to have sort of a school-year long celebration.

Finger knitted bracelet

Additionally, this is the weekly rhythm I am following:

Monday: Baking/Cooking
Tuesday: Washing/Cleaning
Wednesday: Handwork (Sewing, Finger Knitting)
Thursday: Painting (specifically, Wet-on-Wet)
Friday: Riding lesson, Playdates, Playgroup

So for this month, everything we have done during the weekly rhythm has been related in some way to the story of St. George and Michaelmas. For example, today (Monday) Sophia made Dragon Bread. This past weekend we took a trip to Higgins Armory Museum and saw all the knights armor and the dragon representations, and were able to tie that in too to the story of St. George. We’ve painted pictures of knights and dragons, and the brave princess who was willing to sacrifice herself for the other young girls in her village. Sophia finger knitted a bracelet for her sister, and we were able to talk about giving and sharing and chivalry in that gesture. Later this week, for handwork, we are going to make a felt dragon and Sophia can practice her sewing skills.

At Higgins Armory

Both girls really enjoy routine and our school-year one is working out well so far. I know that things will probably get switched up for a couple weeks after the new baby comes earth side, but our rhythm is simple enough that I am hoping we’ll rebound quickly.

Dragon bread!

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2 Responses to September passing by

  1. Love your blog! Enjoy reading all the updates.

  2. Robyn says:

    How funny is it that I was going to send you a message this morning and ask you what your plans were for Michaelmas?
    It seems to have snuck up on me!

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