Yarn Along as August winds down

I just completed Grace’s wool pants (Ravelry notes here ). She’s very happy with them; she even insisted on wearing them to the aquarium yesterday. I was afraid she’d end up too hot and then disliking the pants, but thankfully it was a cooler day and she seemed fine. I’m going to make a pair of these for the new baby and for Sophia too.

August is almost at a close, I am so happy to report, and the days will be cooling down soon. I won’t feel like a bloated whale being roasted over a pit for much longer! I think it’s only something like 7 more weeks to baby (or there about).

My poor garden did not fare well this year at all; I just haven’t had the energy to maintain it and so the weeds took over and won. I am sorry, garden: next year I’ll be back to my old self and you will be neat and tidy once again!

We had a clearing crew working in the woods for the past week. They cleared over an acre of land which can now be seeded with pasture grasses for the sheep (and future cows). Eventually we will also build a small barn in the area as well.

The season is beginning to turn over and change, you can feel it now. Even though it’s about to get hot again, and humid too, autumn is not far away. (Thank goodness!)

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2 Responses to Yarn Along as August winds down

  1. Emily T. says:

    Those little wool pants are quite adorable on your little one!

  2. mistea says:

    Lovely little wool pants. Enjoy your knitting.

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