Knitting + Sewing = Busy Crafting Around Here

One of my New Years intentions way back in January was to finally conquer knitting once and for all. I’ve dabbled, tried on and off for years, but always found knitting frustrating and lacking the clear directness of sewing. However, both Nicole at Frontier Dreams and Amanda at Soulemama recently used this adorable Ravelry pattern and I decided to stop whining and get to it!

The girls chose this color for the booties; it does not in any way reflect our new baby’s (unknown) gender!

I had some encouragement from a couple of the mom’s in our homeschool group, one especially proving to be a true blessing and savior after I furtively sent off a desperate email at 10 p.m. to CozyColeman needing some emergency help decoding the pattern (remember, I’ve never made anything but an ugly scarf before!) but I made it through the pattern (with a LOT of YouTube help too!).

The girls have been asking for me to make them things too, so I used the Oliver + S Lazy Days pattern and made 2 skirts for each of them. The girls chose the fabric, then they did what I love…haven’t worn anything else! That always makes a mama feel good. 🙂

But I think I’m beginning to understand the knitting addiction I have heard others speak of…now that I know I can knit and have completed one project, I’m absolutely itching to run back up to our local yarn store and pick out a new skein… I’ve already book-marked at least twenty Ravelry patterns, and I am aching to start knitting sweaters for all three of the kiddos! It’s a good thing our sheep will need to be sheared in a few months!!

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2 Responses to Knitting + Sewing = Busy Crafting Around Here

  1. YIPEE. I knew I’d get ya hooked. I’m tellin’ ya, us knitters are like drug pushers, we want everyone to get as addicted as we are. I have an adorable sock pattern for baby socks, same as grown up ones but much quicker and then you’ll know you can knit socks and will have to make some for your girls.

    Then, you can make my baby blanket pattern. 😉

    • mamainthequietcorner says:

      That’s exciting, socks!! Grace wants booties like the baby’s, so maybe I can make her the socks instead! Is that pattern on your Etsy page? I don’t remember seeing it.

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