Animal planet

It really is Spring, because everywhere little animal babies are being born. This week we finalized our choices for the pigs and lambs. The girls began riding lessons as well. (I have a friend who used to say, “Girls who are into horses are too busy to be into boys,” and I think my husband and I have taken this to heart!) We are also planning to join 4H this fall.

Our pigs ended up being a tamworth/large black cross; both are old heritage breeds known for their foraging skills, which is important to us as we want minimal grain supplementing. Tamworth’s especially are said to have an excellent flavor and we’ve read/been told that some gourmet restaurants seek them out, so we are excited and terribly curious to see if we can taste a difference ourselves (our palette just may not ne refined enough, after all). 😉 We chose 2 all-black males from the litter (9 piglets were born all together, 7 made it).



We have reserved 3 Icelandic ewe lambs. I love this breed; the more we are around these sheep I just adore them too! One in particular is such a sweetie. They are all beautiful though; we chose a solid black named Mira, an as-yet unnamed moorit (she will turn out a beautiful reddish-brown color), and this adorable little one we’re calling Annie Oakley who has a white coat with black spots on her face (her coat may change though). With Icelandics, there is this complicated and detailed color genetic/coat classification system and I am still getting the hang of the details.


All 3 of our girls are in this picture, as well as Annie’s big brother.

The girls are loving learning how to care and ride horses. We found a wonderful stable in a beautiful nearby town, and we’ve actually expanded our property search to this town as well because it fits right in to all our search criteria.


We were really impressed with the riding instructor; by the end of the first lesson, Sophia was really riding by herself. It was a very empowering thing for her to be sure! Grace is still too little for her own lessons, but they are very friendly to the plight of the little sibling, and the littles can have a ride around the ring at the end of each lesson. Needless to say, Grace was beyond thrilled.

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