Catch up

It’s been a busy past couple months here, and I’ve not felt great for most of it…hence the lack of visiting this space. But I am beginning to feel better this week, and I’m ready to say that this fall we’re going to have a new little one filling our home. 🙂

The garden expansion was completed back in April ~ it’s been almost doubled in size. We are hoping for lots of amazing canning to be the result of this.

Our lambs were born over the past several weeks…photos to come on that…and they are so cute! Also our feeder piglets were born…they will be coming home in about 6 weeks. But the girls favorite babies are these ladies…

Everything is growing so well in the garden…it’s wonderful to let our toes into the dirt and dig around again. The girls are spending all day outside again; I think we are all drunk on Spring right now.


I’ve gotten a little energy back for cooking again too, which is nice. I’ve been reaching for The Moosewood Cookbook a lot, and also an old friend I’ve had no interest in for quite a while

It’s nice to finely have interests that go beyond yogurt, milk, cheese and rice!

Mothers Day and Beltane were peaceful and quiet around here, which was nice. We spent Mothers Day at Old Sturbridge Village, then home late for Dad’s famous fajitas and a buttermilk-berry cake. Yum yum!

I think that’s all the catch-up I can do right now. But I’ll be back much sooner this time. 🙂

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